Login or Passwords
  • How Do I Log In to the Site?
    In order to access palisadespark.org, you must be a member of Palisades Park Country Club.  Members have been assigned a login and password, which can be reset once the member logs in.
  • I Forgot my Password?
    If you've forgotten your password, click the LOGIN link on the home page, enter your email address, and then select the "Forgot Password" on the lower right. The website will automatically email your password.  If you  continue having trouble logging in, please contact secretary@palisadespark.org to reset your password.

Posting to the website
  • How Can I Post a Cottage for Sale or Rent?
    Find the "Cottages for Sale/Rent" tab in the menu bar.  Click on the "Submit a New Listing" link, input your details, and click "Submit."  
  • How Can I Post an Event to the Calendar?
    If you'd like to post an Official PPCC Event to the Calendar, go to the Calendar page, click on the "Submit an Event" link, complete the details, and hit submit.  Your event will be submitted for approval before posting.  Please contact activities@palisadespark.org with any questions.